Intermittent fasting is metabolic exercise

Intermittent fasting is literally a form of metabolic exercise. Say what?!? Improve your insulin sensitivity and strengthen your fat adaptation. It takes time. Repetition. Discipline. Before you see results. So remember- it took time to get to where you are …

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it’s time for a new story

SEX LIFE. FAT LOSS. BALANCING HORMONES. Over 40? Listen, it’s time for a new story… Like, share, become a client.

sex. Hormones. Fat loss.

Say YES to YOU!! Over 40 is where it’s at!! It’s never too late…now’s YOUR time!! In your health and your business. Without your health…what business do you have? Balance Hormones Lose Fat Sex life on 🔥💦 Let’s go!! Like, …

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Women’s health and hormones

Women’s health and hormones Set your reminder and Bring your questions!!! Welcome my guest, Dr. Laurena White. She is the host of the Women’s Health, Wisdom, and… WINE! Podcast and Managing Director at The Eudaimonia Center In Your Business with …

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let’s get dirty

Let’s get dirty…dirty fasting that is. What is it, how is it different than traditional fasting, and why it might be a good option for you. I’m Dr. Alex and this is your Healthy Dose of SPICE. Let me know …

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I Pooped My Pants

S1E1 of In Your Business with Dr. Alex- listen here In Your Business with Dr. Alex…where we get all up in your business and your health. Featuring my guest Virtually April Michelle, author of I Pooped My Pants. She’s …

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Top 3 wellness tips for health and business

Listen in to learn my top 3 wellness tips for your body and your business to carry you into 2023 and beyond. If you found value in today’s video let me know, send me a message or comment below …

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Dry Vagina??

In this video I talk about 5 common causes of vaginal dryness


you are not big boned

Shoving your rolls and fupa into Spanx, shape wear, or waist trainers? This is so much better!! And you literally will be saving your life and changing your body from the inside out by doing this!! It’s intermittent fasting, and …

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high volume foods

High volume eating for weight loss

What is high volume eating, how can you use it for weight loss, and is it the right strategy for you when it comes to eating less calories…I cover all this and more in this video

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