SPICE Body Intensive

Ready to FINALLY achieve improvements in your physical health and vitality?  The ones you have dreamed of…..and struggled to achieve?

Does this sound like you?

  • You have tried lots of diets and exercise programs. They haven’t worked.
  • You are afraid that you will never be able to stick to a program.
  • Your schedule is full with lots of responsibilities…..adding one more thing seems like a stretch.
  • You haven’t been exercising for ….well, a long time. Maybe you have an old injury.  It is making you a little nervous…what if you can’t do it?
  • Something will need to change for you to get the results you want.

Now you can make it happen! The 8 week SPICE BODY intensive is focused on advanced nutrition/meal planning, exercise (SPICE Workout Template), and weight loss.

This results-based program is all about you.  Customized for your unique needs, challenges, and mindset.  I will stick to you like glue until you achieve your goals.  Together we will help you achieve the weight, physical health, and vitality you have always wanted.

There will be some bumps in the road. After all, this is real life, and in real life there are always struggles that come up! However, when those bumps happen, we will help you stay on track so that you continue to lose weight and crush your goals. You and I are in communication with each other each week privately so that you get the BEST support for your unique life.

With the SPICE BODY Intensive here’s what you’ll get:

  • weekly 30 min check-ins via zoom (8 check-ins)
  • weight check
  • vital signs check (BP, HR, pain)
  • virtual head to toe assessment
  • weekly meal planning and grocery lists assistance
  • SPICE Workout Template designed with YOU in mind
  • Deep dive into developing the mindset and habits needed for sustainable weight loss and health

The cost

  • 8 week SPICE BODY intensive cost is $200.00 USD
  • Biweekly and Monthly payment options available
  • FSA/HSA and All major credit cards accepted
  • Auto pay for your convenience

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I going to be on a DIET?

Nope. I don’t believe in strict diets. I will NEVER tell you to completely give up your favorite foods and drinks. I know from my own personal experience that you CAN lose weight and keep it off while still enjoying those foods. We will work together to create a nutrition and exercise plan that allows you to change your relationship with food while enjoying your favorite foods and drinks, go to birthday parties, and eat out, while still losing weight.

I have an old injury and some health issues that are making me nervous about exercising.

Don’t worry.  The exercise templates that we create can be adjusted to ALL fitness levels and for ANY injury you may have… from beginners to experts… bad knees to bad shoulders… I will help you find a way to safely exercise while having FUN.

My schedule seems so full right now – how can I add something new?

I hear you sister.  As a mother, educator and current student in a doctoral program I get the busy life.  The SPICE BODY Intensive is convenient and flexible, as opposed to adding more stress to your life. It’s 100% online, which means that you can be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still lose weight with my support and motivation. All workouts, nutrition lessons, macronutrient goals, and habit trackers are digital. You have the flexibility to complete your workouts and nutrition habits when you have time, on your own schedule.

How do I know it is going to work?

Here is a secret: it won’t unless you put in the effort.  As a results coach, I will help keep you accountable, supported, and motivated.  AND since one size fits all is not really a thing, by creating your own program it will fit into the life you lead today.

Is this just some other new FAD?

Absolutely not.  I  don’t believe in following the hottest fads or trends. The customized plan we  build  together for you is backed by science and proven by real people who have had incredible results.

I understand the importance of integrating eastern and western medicine, alternative medicine and traditional medicine. Together we can enhance your current treatment plan with a variety of holistic practices.

I believe that your program and your habits should be unique to YOU. You deserve better than the cookie-cutter weight loss programs out there!  I customize healthy habits and nutrition specifically to your body, your physiology, and your goals.