Our Programs

Does this feel familiar? You…

  • are overwhelmed with a to-do list longer than you are tall.
  • feel balance and joy are a thing of the past
  • want to feel more energetic and vital…and aren’t sure where to start
  • have too many obligations and commitments that are keeping you up at night
  • would love some tools and strategies to get it all done…if only you had time to find them

We get it.  And you are in the right place.  First, breathe.  Quiet your mind for a moment.  Hear the silence.  Breathe again.  Better?  Ok, read on.

The SPICE family of programs was created with you in mind. 

Why?  Because I have been there.  And whether you are a healthcare professional, a busy mom, in grad school, or all three, you need the support, tools, and processes that will help you accomplish what you want—while keeping you sane and balanced.  (You can find out more about my story on the About page. )

Think about spices for a moment—they add flair and flavor to any meal, and a zing to our palate.  What would your life be if you could recapture your energy, vitality…and, well, zing?

None of us is one-dimensional. 

We all encompass the following:

  • Spirituality: our search for purpose and meaning
  • Physical: how vital, energetic and strong we are
  • Insight: how we learn and grow
  • Career: how we create a professional life that reflects our calling and brings satisfaction
  • Emotion: how we feel inside and how broadly we can express, experience and accept

I bet by now you have figured out where the name “SPICE” has come from?

Here is the tough reality…it is really, really hard to take a step back and make things happen differently in your life.  A lack of time, energy, support, knowledge, and desire bog us down.  And instead of being energized and excited by our life, our snooze button becomes our best friend, and we drag ourselves out of bed, dreading the day ahead.

Our SPICE family of programs are focused on getting you results—because while theories are wonderful, results are much better.  Whether you choose to work one-on-one or in our group coaching program, you will gain the knowledge, accountability, and ability to implement changes once and for all. 

What’s Covered?

Whether you want to work one on one, or as part of a dynamic group, the areas we cover are the same.


Uncovering our meaning and purpose.  Developing a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life.  Achieving peace and harmony in your life. 


Physical wellness means you are vital and energetic. You can get through daily activities without being tired or stressed.  Rather than trying to hit a number on the scale, or a single-digit size of clothing, we help you reach physical wellness through a combination of good exercise, eating habits, and support.


When you are constantly learning, growing intellectually, spending more time pursuing personal interests, your mind is open to new concepts and experiences. You are happiest when you are exercising your mind and engaged in things that interest you.   


Creating a career that enhances personal satisfaction and gives you an opportunity to do the work you love is key.  Balance while doing that will let you make a bigger impact and have greater enjoyment in your life. 


We all have emotions.  Emotional wellness encompasses optimism, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. You manage feelings, stress and your behaviors in a healthy way.  It includes the capacity to manage feelings and related behaviors including the realistic assessment of limitations, development of autonomy, and ability to cope effectively with stress. Emotional wellness also includes intimacy, independence, and interdependence.

Your results, your way.

We work together to get you the results you want:

  • More energy and vitality
  • A sense of inner peace and harmony
  • Reduced stress
  • More things getting done
  • A clear focus on next steps in your career and personal life.

Ready to ditch the snooze button and put some spice back into your life?  Reach out for your complimentary consultation. Then grab a beverage, roll up to your computer and let’s uncover what is the very best approach for you.

90 Days to SPICE

This 3-month program combines individual sessions with small group work, providing you with both accountability and peer support as you develop and progress towards your own goals.

SPICE U / 1:1

This 6-month program includes 18 individual sessions, providing you with focus and accountability as you develop and progress towards your own goals.


This intensive 8-week program is focused on advanced nutrition/meal planning, exercise, holistic health consulting, and specific health goals.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions provide the specific skills, tools, accountability, and encouragement you need to make your personal and professional goals a reality—with the flexibility to accommodate the busiest schedule.

SPICE Time+Energy

The ultimate scheduling solution service, this 2-month program is laser-focused on corralling your schedule. I’ll help you identify priorities and goals, establish boundaries, and develop the tools and strategies to maintain them.


An immersive VIP experience that’s all about YOU! We’ll develop a tailored curriculum focusing on a specific goal or need, and then create a roadmap for action, follow-up, and continued support.