90 Day Metabolic Makeover Program

What’s included in your personalized 90 day program:
  • 4 sessions (45 min each) each month via Zoom (12 total)
  • Virtual pantry audit and grocery list set up
  • Virtual head to toe assessment at each session
  • Weekly meal planning and grocery lists/ordering (observant and mindful to your culture)
  • Laboratory testing/workup specific for nutrient and metabolic monitoring
  • Consulting/interpretation of labs/tests/medications
  • Deep dive into developing the mindset and habits needed for sustainable health and wellness
  • Access to open office hours twice a week if you need extra face to face support
  • Daily lesson via email to guide you every step of the way
  • Access to me via email, text, phone, and social media (I will do my best to respond within 12 hrs)
  • All sessions are recorded, so you can review them whenever you like, as many times as you like.
  • You’ll also have access to worksheets, downloads, and tools indefinitely.

    And so much more!!!

The cost

  • $8500.00 USD
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • FSA/HSA Accepted
  • Payment plans available (convenience fee will be applied)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee on my program?

No, but I can guarantee that if you don’t take a chance on investing in yourself, in doing something for YOU, then nothing will change in your life, you’ll be in the same place you are now.

How do I know it is going to work?

Here is a secret—it won’t unless you put in the effort.  As a results coach, I will help keep you accountable supported and motivated.  I’m your own private accountability coach, I will be there to guide, support, and motivate you throughout every step of the journey. This program is customized to build off your strengths and preferences, be respectful of YOUR culture, and will stretch you to think and perform beyond your limitations.

My schedule seems so full right now—how can I add something new?

As a mother, wife, educator and former student in a doctoral program I get the busy life.  This program is convenient and flexible, as opposed to adding more stress to your life. It’s 100% online, which means that you can be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still get results with my support and motivation. All lessons, trackers, and planners are digital. You have the flexibility to complete your work when you have time, on your own schedule.

How can I be sure I will get the attention I need?

My fees allow me to accept only the most committed clients. This ensures that my caseload is low, ensuring that I am fully resourced and ready to serve you.

Do you take FSA/HSA?

Yes!!! I currently accept FSA and HSA.

Are group discounts available?

If you own a business and are interested in my program to offer as part of your health and wellness initiative I do offer group discounts for 2 or more. Please contact me for your personalized quote.

(Do you currently work somewhere and WISH they would offer my program for you and your coworkers??? Let me know who to speak to and I can see what I can do!)

Do you offer longer programs?

I do offer longer more exclusive programs, however, slots are very limited for this, so please contact me directly for more information on your specific needs.