What are healthy ways to deal with anger??

Anger is a powerful #emotion. It can make us feel strong and powerful, or it can make us feel out of #control.

angry man screaming

When we’re angry, it’s important to find a way to express that anger in a healthy way.

Watch the video to learn some #holistic techniques I recommend:

1) Destroy things: Aim your anger- think Hulk smash.

2) Dance

3) Writing

4) Talking

5) Screaming

6) Sing: Throat Chakra.

7) Draw

8)Leave the situation

9) Language: One approach is to use “I” statements. Look within, take ownership.

**Using I statements can help us avoid getting defensive or attacking the other person. It also gives them a chance to understand our perspective and maybe offer a solution.

Managing anger can be a difficult task, but it is important to do so in a safe and healthy way.

To be angry is OK!!!!

I hope that you have found at least one method in this video that will work for you.

let us know your fave in the comments!!!

Anger can be a confusing emotion and there’s a better way to deal with it familia, so listen up!!

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