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S.P.I.C.E. logoIf you are a caring professional—an educator, social service provider, or healthcare worker—chances are you are juggling a lot of responsibilities, an endless to do list, and are struggling to get everything done.  Overwhelm and stress are part of your daily routine.  You know there is a better way—you just aren’t sure what it is.

Are you ready to stop the chaos and learn how to create a healthy and sustainable work life balance?

As a healthcare professional AND a mom AND a nurse educator, I understand how hard it can be.  I created the SPICE program because I was stressed out, overweight, and overwhelmed.  It worked—and now I want to share it with you.

When you work with me you learn:

  • How to become more confident and clear
  • The secrets to deepening your important relationships
  • Systems to take action and be more productive
  • How to banish stress and anxiety
  • A roadmap to a more vibrant joyful life.      
This Lady is Doing Some Great Work
This lady is doing some great work to help busy moms, doctoral students, and nurses succeed through health coaching, wellness advising, and more. It was a pleasure to work with her on a recent project and I am excited to see her continued impact on others.
Dr. Molly Bradshaw
You Will Come Away a Better Person
I recently worked with Alexandria on an important community education project. I was impressed by her knowledge but even more so for her passion for patients, health, and helping people in general live healthy, happier lives. Alexandria is a breath of fresh air and you will come away a better person through your interactions with her!
Gene Baker
Very Satisfied
Immediate response and follow-up with specifics on how to work out a plan. Very satisfied thus far with this service. I will continue with this program!
Lisa Drubek
The Tools I Needed to Work through Anything
Working one-on-one with Alex is amazing! I was not in a great space before working with her and after 3 months I feel like a totally different person. I have a ways to go but she gave me the tools I needed to work through anything! And the best part is I know she’s still there for support even after the sessions are done.
Alicia Washington Founder Starting from Scratch
It has been a wonderful experience working with Alex and her SPICE Body Program. She has helped me to establish new routines in my daily life to help me with the goals that I created for myself. With Alex’s program, you are active in the process. It is not just someone telling you what to do. This provided me with ownership of my journey. Together you work on your goals and she helps keep you on track and provides materials and strategies to meet your individualized goals. Read more
Kristal FletcherSpecial Education TeacherOhio
A Completely New Outlook on My Life and Myself
For the short period of time I’ve known Alex, she has given me a completely new outlook on my life and myself. Over the past year she has helped me find the strength and confidence to overcome challenges that I was facing within myself, and grow to become the person I am today. Alex has seen me doubt myself and want to give up, and has helped me push through that feeling and I will be forever grateful for her for that. I’m so glad to have met someone as kind hearted as she is.
Sierra- Nursing Student
Totally Worth it to Stay Sane!
I’ve been learning how to keep my work and life under control. I’ve got 2 kids, 4 inboxes, and 5 companies that I consult for. It’s been totally worth it to stay sane!
Sara B
A New Health Mindset
I’ve know Alexandria for almost 20 years. She has always put others first and is willing to help anyone who needs it. She has been very helpful to me lately as I find new things out about my health. I definitely will be working with her on a new health mindset!
Sandra DVitamix
An Amazing Leader
You are an amazing leader and every day I learn so much from you through our interactions and you teach me how to be a better leader. I am so amazed by the fact that I get to have you in my life and learn so much through you. You’re truly a gift by sharing how you navigate this world and overcome hurdles with grace as you come across them. Many thanks for all the goodness you shine on this world.
Cristal H.
Testimonial Tuesdays
Have a listen to Lisa’s experience of adding SPICE to her life.
Lisa DEntrepreneurOhio

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